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DIY Exfoliating Face Wash/Scrub

 DIY Exfoliating Face Wash
Why to go for expensive products when we can prepare natural ,chemical free ,affordable beauty products at home.I recently tried a powdered face wash from a brand 'Mitti Se' and decided to prepare my own version of it.The ingredients are easily available and some of them can be prepared at home and the best thing is that it can be customized according to our own skin requirements.

I have used around 6 ingredients and you can always add or subtract them.Since I haven't used anything in liquid form they don't need preservative to increase shelf life and since most of them are in dried powdered form they are in good health for a good period of time.

DIY Exfoliating Face Wash
DIY Face Wash 

1)Neem Powder - I prefer neem in my skin routine a lot because of its anti-bacterial properties.I get a lot of breakouts so this is a must ingredient for me. Neem Powder is easily available online and in stores both.I bought this one from Khadi. I also make neem powder at home so in case you want to know how to make it quickly at home do comment below.

2)Green Tea Leaves - I use loose leaves and then crush them coarsely which acts as an exfoliator. So the amount of exfoliation you want can be altered as per the requirements by changing the quantity of tea leaves and the coarseness.Green tea helps in brightening complexion and gives a natural glow to skin.I love using this ingredient for my skin care.If you need a very mild scrub then you can tear a green tea bag which is powdered and would work equally good too.

3)Fullers Earth - As I have an extremely oily skin this absorbs the oiliness and makes the skin fresh and clean.It also works as a face wash base and if you have a dry skin then you can reduce the quantity of multani mitti.

4)Powdered Orange Peel - I have prepared this powder at home by sun drying the orange peels and then grinding them.It helps in treating acne and pimples,cleanses well,has slight scrubbing action and adds glow to skin.The orange peel powder is also available online and in local stores.

5)Gram Flour - aka Besan is an old Indian beauty ingredient and I don't think it needs any introduction.Again it helps in skin lightening, removing tan, gives glow and acts as a natural skin bleach.

6)Turmeric - We just need to add half teaspoon of it so that face doesn't turns yellow.It helps in lighten spots, dry pimples and also prevent skin problems.Too much of it can also dry up skin badly so keep it in very minute quantity.

How to use it : Use half a teaspoon quantity in your palm.Add water to form paste and then massage on your face gently.Wash it off to reveal clean healthy skin.

This DIY can also be used as a face pack.Mix it with Water/Rose Water/Orange Juice/Aloe Vera Juice and apply it on your skin.Wash it off when dry and it will add glow,lighten spots and prevent skin problems.

The best thing about this face wash is that it is all natural, extremely affordable, can be customized and solves so many skin problems.Prepare it in good quantity and make it work as a face wash,scrub and a face mask.

Do let me know if you liked the recipe.If you try it do share it with me on social media's.I would love to see your recreations.Also follow me on social handles to keep updated of crisp beauty articles.Thanks for reading and Take Care..!!
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