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Natural Bath and Body French Red Clay Scrub Face Wash Review

Natural Bath and Body French Red Clay Scrub Face Wash Review
Natural Bath and Body French Red Clay Scrub Face Wash Review

'Natural Bath and Body' products are a treat to use.I have already mentioned this brand in my top organic brands to try in India.I recently bought their more products which I would show soon.Today I would review a french red clay scrub face wash.I have used a sample size of it and I liked it so much that I bought the full size of it.Well, I picked it in an MSM Box a few months back.

Price:Rs 350 fo 100ml

The products are available online on Nykaa and on their website here.

Ingredients: Water, SSorbitol, Glycerin , Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, Silica, Sodium Cocoyl Isothionate, Walnut Granules, Red Clay, Rose Oil, Sodium Benzoate, Glyceryl caprylate (and) Glyceryl Undecylenate, Potassium Sorbate, Carageenan, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, CedarWood Oil , Xanthan Gum

Natural Bath and Body French Red Clay Scrub Face Wash
Natural Bath and Body French Red Clay Scrub Face Wash

The packaging has been revamped recently and now it comes in a tube form.Somehow I feel that the new tube is better than the bottle packaging I have.But anyways let's talk about the product.

The face wash has a beautiful, natural, soothing aroma which I quite like and is really hard to describe as I am not familiar with this fragrance.It has a medium consistency and flows easily but is not runny.The scrub particles make the product grainy but not harsh hence makes it a good mild exfoliator.

The product says that it comes out like a grainy scrub but melts down into a foamy lather.After a month of using, I never noticed any formation of foam and I kept using it as a scrub.But one day I read the description of the product and realized that it is supposed to foam.Now since the scrub has gritty particles I never try to foam the product on the face.Rather I take a generous amount of face wash, rub it between my palms and when it foams slightly I clean my face gently with it.It doesn't cling to my skin after washing which I quite like.

It is so strange that I was using this product in a wrong way for more than a month wondering that why the brand named it as a face wash.I believe there are many innocent souls like me using it in a wrong way.Actually, it doesn't lather that easily like most of the products do but that doesn't matter as the amount of lather produced has nothing to do with cleansing ability.The face wash cleanses well with a medium exfoliation which I quite like.If you know I love trying scrub face washes so this one is definitely a win-win for me.

It doesn't leave my skin stretched or dry and leaves it feeling soft and fresh.Such formulations would suit all skin types.But if you have a highly sensitive acne prone skin then this scrub formulation should not be your pick.Always remember scrubbing should be done very gently otherwise it might aggravate skin issues like pimples.

My Rating:4.5/5

Overall I think it is quite a nice face wash to try.It can be doubled up as a foaming face wash or a plain scrub depending on how one likes it.Always lather the product with fingers and then clean your face.It has a mild exfoliation and a beautiful soothing aroma.

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