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VLCC Meet Experience & Beauty FAQ's

Hello, everyone...I recently got to the attend the VLCC bloggers meet at Lucknow on 13th April.Before this event, I always associated VLCC with slimming services and manufacturer of personal care products.But this meet was an eye-opener as I learned what VLCC is all about.

VLCC offers a broad spectrum of services apart from being a slimming center.It offers Salon, Dermat and Laser Services.The best thing about them is that they do not give suggestions based on conjectures as they believe that every person has different body structure.The clients are generally tested and then offered services accordingly.

Check their website for more details here.

Personal Care Products at VLCC
Personal Care Products at VLCC

Coming to the meet all the girls were given a warm welcome and since this was my first meet I was quite nervous but the team was quite friendly.We were offered nutritious drink and snacks which were mostly sprouts and fruits.

We had a question answer session where every girl got answered her beauty concerns by beauty specialists Sushmita ma'am- Category Manager Beauty and Meena Singh ma'am.The session stretched quite long due to the plethora of questions thrown.It was an interesting session and I'll share some of the things which I learned during it.

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What is Vampire Facial?

I was in shock when I heard this word for the first time.It is actually Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).The blood is taken from a person's arm and plasma is separated from the the red and white blood cells in a centrifuge.Since the plasma is rich in platelets it has a rich growth factor and is then injected into the face to remove wrinkles and get a more youthful effect.This trend is quite popularized by Kim Kardashian.

How to tackle problems in eye contour area?

Try going for visionergy , an intensely concentrated treatment.Powered actives penetrate deep into skin to promote skin regeneration.It addresses superficial signs of aging and prevents the formation of future problems in that area.Try this treatment at VLCC.

How to deal with under eye wrinkles?

Go for Derma Heal Eye Treatment which is basically an eye filler treatment formulated with bio actives.It provides wrinkle filling effect and reduces signs of aging.This treatment is available at VLCC.

How to deal with super oily skin?

Try maintaining a healthy diet and always rub a cube of ice after cleansing and then apply toner.This will shrink the pores and help control oil.Try the VLCC toner for more effective result.

How to deal with chemically treated hair?

Try providing good nourishment to hair.Strengthen roots by regular oiling.If due to hair coloring or something else, the ends of the hair are extremely damaged then get the ends or that colored section of hair chop off.Also get a good hair spa at VLCC to nourish hair from within.

Should we wear sunscreen indoors?How frequently should it be applied?

A person should always wear a sunscreen indoors as well.The artificial lighting and rays from laptop screen also damage our skin.
They should be applied at least half an hour prior to leaving house and reapplication is also required.One can choose timings like 9 am, 3 pm, and 6 pm to reapply it.

Why do some sunscreens leave a white cast?

The presence of Titanium and zinc oxide are responsible for the white cast certain sunscreens give as they act as a reflector.

Why dirty hair leads to hair fall? How to prevent it?

Sweating causes deposition of salt in the scalp which actually causes hair fall. The best way to prevent is to keep our scalp clean on regular basis.

Does more lathering of shampoo means better cleansing?

Not at all.This is a general myth that more lather a shampoo forms, better the product.But this only indicates the presence of more SLS in it which actually makes hair dry.

How to deal with hair patches? Is there any homemade remedy?

It is better to get a hair transplant done to make the area appear denser.Try the Stem Cells autologous regrowth treatment by VLCC which is an effective hair loss treatment. Home made remedies may or may not work but transplant is a sure shot treatment.

How to have a healthy glowy skin?

It is very important to keep our diet and lifestyle very healthy.As stressful life manifests as premature signs of aging it is important to keep distance with it.Drink plenty of water as dehydration leads to signs of aging.Eat healthy, Think Healthy..!! Try the various spas offered by VLCC to relax and soothe your senses.

Their were many more questions put there but I have listed only some of them.Also, we received a goodie bag with a personalized letter and a 10% coupon code for you all.So go and pamper yourself with the awesome services at VLCC.

Coupon Code: U5UD5J38

The Terms and Conditions for the coupon code are:

  • Get 10% discount on availing any service with VLCC ( valid over and above the current discount )
  • Only for one-time use.
  • Valid till 30th April.(So Hurry up)
  • Not applicable on high-end Dermat services.

VLCC Products
VLCC Gift Hamper

This is my look at the VLCC Event.These are the heatless curls I tried.
Have you tried any service at VLCC...If yes share your views in the comments section below.Also, hurry up and try the services using a discount coupon.Thanks for reading and flow me on all my social medias to stay updated.Take Care..
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