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Real Techniques Core Collection Set Review

Real Techniques Core Collection Set Review
Real Techniques Core Collection Set Review

If you love doing makeup then tools are the most important thing in order to get that flawless finish.Real Technique brushes are one of my favorite for the affordable price tag and the top notch quality.I have already used the blush brush,retractable kabuki brush and a powder brush from the same range which I quite enjoy using.The core collection kit is in my vanity for almost an year now and they are used quite a lot.I have washed them many times so now I am finally putting up my views after properly using them.

Price:Rs 1299 aprox
Buy: Can be bought at best price from

All the 4 brushes come in a black case with individual holders.The case is sturdy and can stand on its on.It has two additonal sockets where I place my Real Techniques powder and blush brush.The brush has duo fibre material and all of them are soft and dense.I have washed them several times but they haven't shed a single hair till now.Also they don't take much time to dry up.The handle of the brush is rose gold in colour with the product details printed and a matte black base.The best thing about this brush is that they can stand on their own and it doesn't has a ferrule which usually separates from the handle.The quality and packaging of the brushes is quite good and sturdy.

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Real Techniques Core Collection Set Review

1)Buffing Brush : This is the best brush in this kit and the most useful of all.It can be used to apply foundations and fairly works with all kind of textures well.I use it to buff and blend in my base makeup and it does it work quite nicely.The bristles are dense and soft.Sometimes I use it to put my compact or loose powder.After I am done with my base I am lazy enough to change my brush and use it to apply a bronzer/blush.For me it is quite a multi purpose brush.This is a must have brush for any makeup enthusiast in her vanity.

2)Pointed Foundation Brush : It is a relatively small brush and I mostly use it to spread base makeup all over my face especially thick cream base one.It is only good for this one purpose otherwise it cannot be relied upon for blending.

3)Contour Brush : This brush is great for applying contour cream and setting it with bronze/contour powder.As it has a slightly tapered  shape it fits well in hollows of cheek and does it job quite precisely.It is good for blending contour and sometimes I also used it to apply a blush.

4)Detailer Brush : A very small brush which I use to put eyeshadows or concealor at times.Too large to be used as a lip/eyeliner brush.I don't find this particular brush very good and I hardly use it.

My ratings:4.5/5

Overall I would say that Real Techniques Core Collection Set has two very useful brushes that is the Buffing and the Contour brush.The quality and work-ability is very good.Also the pricing is decent enough and should be given a try. Recommended.

Have you tried Real Technique brushes.Which is your favorite one.Share your views in the comments section below.I would love to hear from you.

Real Techniques Core Collection Set Review
Real Techniques Core Collection Set Review

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