Sunday, May 28, 2017

May Fab Bag Beauty Trippin 2017 Review

May Fab Bag Beauty Trippin 2017
May Fab Bag Beauty Trippin 2017 

Fab Bag is currently one of the best affordable beauty subscription bags available in
India and I keep ordering it and this is my 14th bag..This month's edition is travel centered and products are curated according to the theme.

Single month subscription retails for Rs 599.Check the website here for more details.
Check my reviews on previous fab bags here.

There are 4 designs of the bag this month and I got the one with a camera which I quite like.I have a similar material bag from them before and I feel that black pouches are better for traveling as they don't get dirty.

The first product I received is 2 Elize Premium Sanitary Pads and each of them retail for Rs 50. OOPS!! The price is pinching..I used and found it nice and very soft but still it is way too expensive.Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips (8 strips for Rs 99) which I always keep in stock with myself and I am glad to have a backup again.I generally use it for underarms and it works just perfectly.I am in love with these strips.Inatur Olive Cleansing Milk (Rs 225) is again a savior as I am a makeup junkie and you know how important it is to remove makeup properly.I might review this product on my blog.Next I got a minty blue shade from Johara Pro Shine Nail Color (Rs 225)  which is a sheer shade but a pretty one. Soap Square: Foot Soak (Rs 400 for 140gm) smells heavenly and all rose lovers would admire it.I have used it twice and the fragrance is very natural and quite uplifting.Thumbs up to this product.The last is the Manna Kadar Lip Crayon - J'Adore (Rs 1799) which I selected from the options available and it is a beautiful nude shade which would suit fair to medium skin tones.I received it damaged but the team has sent the replacement which is on its way.Not to forget the price of the lipstick is quite exaggerated as I can get a MAC lipstick at 1500.

My ratings:4.8/5

Overall I would say that all the products in May Fab Bag are quite good and useful and the bag is certainly worth the money.The best thing is that you get to try new brands and products each month.I recommend this months edition.

Do you like fab bags? Share your views below.I would love to read them.
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