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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lotus Acne Gel Review

Hiee everyone..,

Today I would be reviewing an acne gel from Lotus which I have been using since past 1 month and now I can totally judge it on the basis of how it works for me.Any thing targeted for acne's and pimples excites me because I get millions of breakouts on my face and keeping them in control has always been a challenge for me.I clearly understand that no topical treatment can completely vanish them but can for sure keep them in control.I did not had any expectations while purchasing it still I wanted to try this.Lets read further to know how it fared for me.

Lotus Acne Gel Review

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

One Simple Ingredient to Treat & Prevent Dry,Rough Feet and Cracked Heels this Winters

Hiee everyone...,

With the onset of winters dryness is the most common thing all of us have to reluctantly face.Be it dandruff,dry skin patches or cracked heels and I face all of them.I think my oil glands are hyper active in my facial region and scalp and hypoactive in my other area's skin.I wish it was evenly distributed as that would have turned my life much more easy peasy because I have an extremely sensitive skin and I really need to take care regularly.So coming to the tip if you want to know that simple ingredient which treats all you cracked heel quickly so keep on reading.

Cracked heel remedy

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Patanjali Almond Kesar Hand Wash : My current Favourite

Hieee everyone....,

With this post I'll be completing my 100th post and I am so excited..I seriously can't believe that I have marked a century.When I started the blog I thought that I will never be able to touch 20 posts all the thanks to all my lovely readers for their love and support.It means a lot to me.So today I'll be reviewing a Handwash I am currently in love with.These days I am developing a lot of affection towards all things that are 'Natural' and 'Swadeshi' in nature..My patriotism towards my country has awakened and I'll try to minimize the use of foreign goods though completely boycotting them is nearly impossible..You understand me why..There are a lot of good products which we simply cannot resist unless we find a good Indian alternative to it...Anyways to know more about this Handwash read further.

Patanjali Almond Kesar Hand Wash
Patanjali Almond Kesar Hand Wash

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lacto Calamine Daily Nourishing Lotion : My Best Friend This Winters

Hieee Prettieesss...

Today I am reviewing a Face Lotion from Lacto Calamine 'Oil control' version so that I can let my readers know that it is something you really need to try on earth. Everyone of us uses some or the other medicated lotion on daily basis..We all need it especially if we have problematic skin and my skin is a 'mine' of problems... Anyways I won't attack my skin with any acerbic words after all it is a part of me.Keep reading to check why I love this lotion.

Lacto Calamine Daily Nourishing Lotion 'Oil control'
Lacto Calamine Daily Nourishing Lotion 'Oil control'

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review

Hieee Lovely Readers....

I never felt the need of using any intimate wash but 2-3 months back I developed an irritation and itching due to humid season so I thought of purchasing a hygiene wash because preparing a Neem paste for regular use sometimes become quite hectic and I am damn lazy.
I have been using this wash since 2 months and this duration is good enough to test any product and do it's review.

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash
Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

When this Simple NEEM DIY can treat my fat ugly horrible Acne's so why can't Yours ?

Hieee everyone...

I believe in God and its beautiful nature which is packed with some great miraculous products.Anything has the ability to treat itself naturally with time and yes that's the beauty of how things work.It is only we humans who make the process complex by sophisticating our lifestyle.When we can get free treatment then what's the need to splurge our hard earned money in expensive products to make us look better.I simply believe in my natural DIY's for skin care.So today I will be sharing with you as to how treat you Acne's and Pimple at home itself.This remedy works the best for me rather than those likes,cinnamon,cloves etc etc.In other words this DIY is my 'Holy Grail' to treat my pimples.So keep reading to know how to prepare it.


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lakme Cleanup Facewash+Scrub+Mask is one of the best skin care regime your skin can get.

I wanted to do this post since a long time and today finally I am doing it.I have been using Lakme cleanup for quite a while but was using the products individually so I was waiting to collect all the products so I can write a combined post for them rather than separately reviewing them.This is one the most awesome combo I have ever used and it gives me an instant clear skin and a visibly nice glow.I never go to parlor for facials and all and I believe in regular skin care.I have repurchased these products and will always continue to purchase them in future.
Read more to know why they are so awesome.

Lakme Cleanup Facewash Scrub Mask
Lakme Cleanup Facewash+Scrub+Mask

Friday, August 21, 2015

How to treat and prevent rashes due to periods and tight clothing

Hiee everyone,

Today I'll be discussing common rash problem which some of the women have to face regularly in their inner thighs or under bust region.This problem is also faced by men.Women are more prone to getting rashes during their periods.I won't be dealing with the in-depth analysis of rashes in medical terms but I will only discuss the topical treatment that I do when I get rashes.I am not a medical supervisor and I am just an another girl like you.

What is a rash?

Redness and swelling of region due to frequent rubbing or dampness.Rashes are commonly seen in inner thighs,under bust region,underarms and sometimes shoulders also due to strap rubbing.

This is how a rash looks like

Why we get rashes ?

1.Due to rubbing of thighs and that is frequent with chubby girls like me especially those who have sensitive skin.
2.Abrasion due to pads during periods.
3.Dampness of the region down there due to sweating or moisture retaining after bathing.
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