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Lotus Acne Gel Review

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Today I would be reviewing an acne gel from Lotus which I have been using since past 1 month and now I can totally judge it on the basis of how it works for me.Any thing targeted for acne's and pimples excites me because I get millions of breakouts on my face and keeping them in control has always been a challenge for me.I clearly understand that no topical treatment can completely vanish them but can for sure keep them in control.I did not had any expectations while purchasing it still I wanted to try this.Lets read further to know how it fared for me.

Lotus Acne Gel Review

Price:Rs 270 for 100 g (Got some good discount online)

Claims:Acne Tea Tree Gel provides broad spectrum antimicrobial activity to control Pimples,Acne and Blemishes.This light, easily absorbed gel regulates oil producing glands in Acne Prone skin, thereby retards the process of formation of Pimple and Acne.

Lotus Acne Gel Review
Pump Dispenser

It comes in a transparent packaging with a pump dispenser which will dispense a decent amount of product in a single pump.The tube looks quite pretty and pineapple yellow based gel can be seen through it.The cap is also quite sturdy so overall it is good for travelling purpose.A single pump of gel is sufficient to cover the entire face if applied on damp face otherwise 2 pumps are more than enough.As mentioned the gel can be concentrated over the problem areas if required.Overall the quantity required is quite decent and a single bottle may last really long considering this fact.

It is a clear gel which spreads easily and has a typical fragrance of tea tree oil which I find quite refreshing.This was the very ingredient which compelled me to buy this gel.The gel is non sticky and would get easily absorbed leaving no stickiness.It might feel a bit uneasy initially but adapts your skin after some time.It provides perfect moisturization for my oily skin in summers and for normal skin in winters.

As far as 2 weeks anti acne claims are considered it does nothing atleast for me.I get pimples due to hormonal imbalance and stomach disorders so I don't keep expectations from such tropical treatments for control and prevention.I get big fat acne's which look quite ugly and are a bothersome to treat.It doesn't even dries them out but the best thing about this is that it doesn't causes me any additional breakouts.This assures me that I can add it to my ctm regime daily.

The cons I find that Lotus inspite of being a herbal brand it has some added parabens which is really heart breaking.I wish they look into this point.And secondly it doesn't fulfill its claims.


Overall I would say that Lotus Acne Gel is quite an affordable product and can be used as a daily moisturizer for your oily acne prone skin.The best thing is that it doesn't breaks me out.Recommending this as a moisturizer and not as acne treatment gel.

Do share your opinions for this Lotus Acne Tea Tree Gel in the comments section below.Do let me know which products you use for acne control as that might help me choose something better.

Lotus Acne Gel Review
Lotus Acne Gel Review

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