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How to treat and prevent rashes due to periods and tight clothing

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Today I'll be discussing common rash problem which some of the women have to face regularly in their inner thighs or under bust region.This problem is also faced by men.Women are more prone to getting rashes during their periods.I won't be dealing with the in-depth analysis of rashes in medical terms but I will only discuss the topical treatment that I do when I get rashes.I am not a medical supervisor and I am just an another girl like you.

What is a rash?

Redness and swelling of region due to frequent rubbing or dampness.Rashes are commonly seen in inner thighs,under bust region,underarms and sometimes shoulders also due to strap rubbing.

This is how a rash looks like

Why we get rashes ?

1.Due to rubbing of thighs and that is frequent with chubby girls like me especially those who have sensitive skin.
2.Abrasion due to pads during periods.
3.Dampness of the region down there due to sweating or moisture retaining after bathing.

How to treat rashes?

As I get rashes very frequently I found a way out to deal with it.Earlier I thought I was the only person to get rashes but I was wrong as many of my friends also suffer it.Sometimes the rashes turn so severe that there is difficulty walking,standing and even sitting.They are even painful when the area becomes overly sensitive and red.One can see small red bumps all over.The treatment is easy though it cannot be cured instantly.Lets elaborate the points step wise.

1.WASH-Wash the area thoroughly with plain water.You may use a sensitive cleanser if you have a very sensitive skin or a normal antibacterial soap.I am advising anti bacterial since it will help to eliminate any germs or bacteria that may grow due to dampness.If you are a person who believes in home remedies then nothing works better than  Neem water.All you have to do is to boil some Neem leaves and use that water for cleansing.This will prevent and treat any infection blooming there.

How to treat and prevent rashes due to periods and tight clothing
Clean your rash using any three of these things

2.TOWEL DRY- Use a soft cotton cloth and dry up the problem area softly,Do not rub it as it may aggravate the problem further.Using gentle dabbing motion just dry the area thoroughly.

3.APPLY POWDER- Use a mild gentle powder or a anti-fungal,anti-bacterial medicated powder and apply over the area.You may use a soft sponge or cotton to do that.I use a baby powder with a cotton sponge and dab it all over the area.You may even use normal fragrance talcum powder if you do not have a sensitive skin there and in case of emergency it can definitely be used.

Use any medicated or baby powder

4.RASH CREAM-Now apply some rash cream over the problem area and rub it mildly into the skin.I prefer using rash creams because they have a special formula which treats the area quickly.In India many rash creams are available.Two of them are branded for baby use but is equally good for you too.Rash creams have been launched by Himalaya and Johnson's baby.I have used both of them and are almost same but I like the Himalaya one more.Use whichever is available.You may even get one from your local medical shop.

Use any rash cream available

5.VENTILATE-Whichever area you have got the rash try to ventilate those areas well.Wear loose clothes and do not stick your thighs while sleeping as it will help the area get cured quickly.This is a really an important part to prevent and treat rashes.

If you follow all the above tips above then the rash will cure completely in a night and the next day you are good to go.

How to prevent rashes?

1.If you get the rashes frequently then try to wear loose cotton clothes and very smooth rash free bottoms.These days a lot of companies are coming with innovations like rash free leggings,jeans,trousers etc.Do opt for soft cotton bottoms.Rashes as I said is not only common to girls but also boys so please purchase your bottom wears carefully.

2.During periods always opt for loose bottoms like Salwars , Patiala salwars. Palazzo pants,long skirts or etc.Make sure you are comfortable and the dress provides good ventilation.Same thing applies for very hot humid climate because we naturally tend to sweat a lot in such climate and moisture accumulation may cause a painful rash.Women usually get rashes towards the end of their periods so it is better to use a soft cotton cloth or a panty liner when the flow is almost negligible like on the last day.I do it and it helps me a lot.

3.Choose cotton pads carefully.The one that works best for me is Stayfree cotton soft pads that comes in a dark blue packet and is also very affordable.For heavy flow you may use the one you use regularly.

Any cotton soft pad that suits you

4.After bathing always dry the sensitive areas carefully.

5.Do apply powder to sensitive areas to keep them dry and even use a rash cream if required.

I hope so this article helps you.If these steps do not help solve your problem then you may consult your doctor further for treatment.May be it has some other underlying problem.Please do share your way of tackling with a rush and let our readers know some other way .And Please do not forget to follow me on social media for more such useful articles.

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