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Lakme Cleanup Facewash+Scrub+Mask is one of the best skin care regime your skin can get.

I wanted to do this post since a long time and today finally I am doing it.I have been using Lakme cleanup for quite a while but was using the products individually so I was waiting to collect all the products so I can write a combined post for them rather than separately reviewing them.This is one the most awesome combo I have ever used and it gives me an instant clear skin and a visibly nice glow.I never go to parlor for facials and all and I believe in regular skin care.I have repurchased these products and will always continue to purchase them in future.
Read more to know why they are so awesome.

Lakme Cleanup Facewash Scrub Mask
Lakme Cleanup Facewash+Scrub+Mask

1) Lakme Face Wash Nourishing Glow with Strawberry extracts
(Rs 99 for 50 gm)

The face wash has some tiny beads which are not abrasive and it cleans my face nicely leaving a healthy glow without any white cast .It removes excess oil but doesn't removes blackheads and leaves my skin soft and supple.

2) Lakme Face Scrub Nourishing Glow with Strawberry extracts
(Rs 120 for 50 gm)

This scrub is one of the best scrubs I have ever used.I have tried many scrubs from various affordable brands but this scrub has all that my skin needs.The beads provide a good abrasive action and the formula doesn't sticks on my skin.It washes off nicely without making my skin greasy. I regularly need to scrub my skin because of my open and oily skin,dust tends to stick my skin hence clogging my pores.After using this scrub my skin feels so fresh , healthy and clean.Whenever I use this my friends usually ask me what have I used.
I just love this scrub. <3 <3

3) Lakme Face Mask Nourishing Glow with Strawberry extracts
(Rs 120 for 50 gm)

This mask is again one of the best face packs I have ever used.Seriously I am not exaggerating nor I am paid to do this but I love this mask.After using this mask for 15-20 minutes it imparts me a pretty glow and I use this for any special occasion.

Lakme Face wash,Face scrub,Face Mask

My ratings: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Overall I would say that these products used individually or in a combo are the best your skin can get without rushing to parlors.The range is highly affordable and easily available.Even if you rely on parlor facials for occasions Lakme nourishing glow cleanup can be used on regular basis.
I use them and I am good to go for any occasion.
Highly Recommended!!!

I am planning to get the other variants from this range.What do you feel about this range?
Have you tried it yet.Do share your views about it.And Please do not forget to subscribe my blog and follow my social media's.It means a lot to me.

Take care.
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