Monday, April 6, 2015

Denver Beer Shampoo Review

Hieee Pretty ladies,

I recently saw an ad of Denver Beer shampoo which prompted me to purchase this shampoo. Really don’t know the reason why but these beer shampoos are very appealing to my senses, especially their packaging. Beer shampoo could not be skipped after acknowledging its properties by a beauty freak like me. 

Denver Beer Shampoo Review

Let me acquaint you with few beer benefits.
Stimulates hair growth
Contains silica which voluminizes hair
Enriched with nutrients like phosphorus, iodine, calcium, copper, magnesium and iron
Rich in vitamin B which softens and makes hair shinier
Restores hair health
Biotin present prevents hair fall and strengthens them
Detangles hair
Treats dry ,dull and frizzy hair

Beer is understood to possess extra ordinary conditioning property. Hence, Denver Beer Shampoo is a formula which contains real beer. Denver beer shampoo can be used daily for your hair to make them more smooth, strong and shiny. (company claims)

Denver Beer Shampoo Review

Impression of Denver Beer Shampoo

Denver Beer Shampoo  is a replicate of a reel  Beer bottle. The packaging is commendable with a dark translucent bottle which gives it a more real look. The cap is surely better than that of  Park Avenue beer shampoo which has a very loose inferior quality cap. Metallic golden in colour, the cap has a fine quality and closes with a click but is not very tight. Therefore this makes it susceptible to leakage.

Denver Beer Shampoo Review

The consistency of shampoo is thin gel like which is colourless and has a beer like peculiar smell. Personally I am not fond of such smells but it can be ignored because of its awesomeness. Shampoo doesn’t   lather much so I required a little more of it but oiled hairs will require definitely more amount. Softly and gently it cleansed my hair and is easy to rinse off. Appears harmless and can be used for daily washing since it did not give the impression of chemicals.

Denver Beer Shampoo Review

Remember I have an oily scalp and normal to dry hair. My hair became bouncy, shiny and  voluminized after they dried up. On the packaging it mentions that  the shampoo is recommended for normal to oily hair, yep my kinda hair. My ‘mausi’ also tried and this was a treat for her hair too. De-tangling my hair became easier and also helped controlled my dryness. It did not over dry my scalp or caused dandruff. Since my hair is dandruff prone I have to check this point too. Looking at what we have covered so far I just want to mention that this doesn’t strips your hair of its natural oils. In spite it adds so many nutrients and shine and doesn’t cause hair fall. The key points of the review are:


Makes hair soft, light, bouncy and shinier
Boosts hair volume
Doesn’t strips natural oils of hair
Gentle to use
Nice packaging
Have to be careful while travelling with this
Added  benefits of beer
Conditions well
Can be used daily


I don’t find any cons of this shampoo, except the beer smell but that is something too obvious so I am ignoring it.

RATING - 5/5

In a nutshell  it is a must have hair product for all girls. Loved using it, I will surely purchase another one once this gets over.Why waiting? Quickly go and get one for yourselves.

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