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Elle 18 Colour Boost Lipstick - Miss Pink review


Today I am going to review the shade Miss Pink from the newly launched shades of Elle 18.I will unfold my experience with this Lip shade now. Elle 18 needs no introduction as it is well liked among girls.Though it has become customary for beauty bloggers to present  prologue to the review but I will jump straightway to the evaluation of this shade.Read on to know more about this shade.You may even read reviews of Primrose Blush,Superlicious Red and view swatch gallery

Elle 18 colour boost lipstick Miss pink

What company says-With its special dual core lipstick format, Elle 18 Colour Boost gives you 6 hours of non-stop lip colour! Enjoy its creamy, soft texture enriched with extra moisturising cocoa butter.Pout non-stop with Colour Boost’s non-stop lip drama! 

Elle 18 Colour boost Miss pink lipstick review

Elle 18 Colour boost Miss pink lipstick review

Impression of  Elle 18 Colour Boost Lipstick - Miss Pink 

Elle 18 Colour boost Miss pink lipstick review

Packaging - This new range comes in a new avatar.The size,style and graphics are all same except the fuchsia coloured cap instead of a black one.I like the new look better than the previous one.Lipsticks look so cute that they may melt hearts of many girls.Totally Adorable..!
The cap shuts with a click and is good for carrying in pockets and purses.

Elle 18 Colour boost Miss pink lipstick review

Shade and texture - The shade is bright vibrant cool pink which would suit fair to medium skin tones and is cent percent girlish shades as the name suggests itself.

Elle 18 Colour boost Miss pink lipstick review

I personally believe that this shade won't look very flattering on complexions tending towards dusky since I have a wheatish-fair skin tone and it looks average for my tone.If I apply single to double coat then it looks fine on me but multiple swipes are no-no for me.One can say that the shade kind off resembles barbie pink and this is the reason I love the shade even more.

Elle 18 Colour boost Miss pink lipstick swatches

Colour Boost lipsticks have a very smooth texture, simply glides on lips. With no shimmer present it is creamy, moisturizing, light weight and adds gloss finish.It does not dries my lips.The shade is build able by multiple swapping.It has a good pigmentation but not an intense one.Neither it settles in fine lines nor bleeds.

Durablity-The lipshade has a staying power of 3-4 hours if you talk or smack your lips.Otherwise it would stay longer but that is not a pragmatic approach.The shade starts fading slightly after 2-3 hours.After snacks it fades unevenly from inside to out but you can spread it again with fingers.It is gone after a meal with tint left.I slept with the shade on my lips and in the morning I discovered a beautiful pink tint on my lips.It can be removed by a cream or oil based cleaner but a very very slight tint may be left not noticeable on lips but on hands.Highly transferable shade it is but never mind since it is worth the money you pay.

Elle 18 Colour boost Miss pink lipstick swatches


Cute packaging
Beautiful shade
Budget Friendly
Smooth texture
No Shimmers(A Nay for girls who like shimmers)
Gloss Finish
Good Pigmentation
Doesn't settles in fine lines
Do not bleed
Leaves a pink tint after hours of application


Highly transferable
Would not suit all complexions
Average Staying power(Nothing like it claims)

RATING- 4.5/5

In a nutshell I would say that Elle 18 Colour Boost lipstick in Miss Pink shade does commensurate the value you pay for it.It is a super budget friendly lipsticks with most of the good points.Why waiting ? Go and get one for yourself too...Totally Suggested!

Do let me know if you have tried the shade or are persuaded to purchase one after reading the review....


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