Thursday, April 23, 2015

Vega face pack brush review

This is a face pack brush from Vega that I will be reviewing today.Before this I was never acquainted with the idea of face pack brushes.I always considered my fingers to be self sufficient to apply packs.And yes this is true also but these brushes are meant more for professional use.But since these were decently priced at INR 99 and I use face packs regularly so I invested without any second thought.

Vega face pack brush

Impression of Vega face pack brush

With a long wooden handle which is white in colour it has its name imprinted on the surface.The bristles are dense and flat.Since the face pack paste is quite thick the brushes are adequately harsh to enable to apply it properly but are not scratching.

Vega face pack brush

The brush applies pack very properly and can be applied to corners.Very easily washable and dries up quickly without dropping any hair.

Vega face pack brush

Rating - 5/5

Vega face pack brush

Overall I would say that a face brush is obviously not a necessity but can be used if you apply face packs regularly.I promise that once you starting using this brush you would never use your fingers again. I find it especially useful when I have to apply pack to my mother,sister or friends.
Totally recommended

Vega face pack brush


  1. Well written review. I have been using this brush for the last 2 years and not a single bristle has come out. A wonderful tool indeed.

    1. Thankss Eleena , I hope so it works equally well for me. :) :)


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