Monday, April 6, 2015

Maybelline Colossal Kohl Crushed Emerald - Review,Swatches

Hello beautiful ladies,

Colossal kohl’s new range is definitely a treat for all coloured kajal lovers. Yes I am an addict of coloured kajals and liners so there was no point that I miss this latest product in my vanity box. I was totally mesmerized by the model wearing it so I gave it a try. While I was searching few products online I spotted this one and bought it from a local store because I was restless to try it. Previously I purchased the Colossal turquoise which marked a good impression on me so I had high expectations from this range too. This new range comes in two other variants also namely Smoked Silver and Jewelled Jade.

Lines like a kajal, Defines like a liner (Company claims)

Impression of Maybelline Colossal Kohl Crushed Emerald

Packaging-Colossal Kohl Crushed Emerald has a packaging similar to Colossal Turquoise. It has the same yellow colour tube with the details printed in colour of kohl itself. The green colour strip makes it easy to identify the shade. Colossal Kohl is a twist up kajal which doesn’t have an outer plastic covering like the one we get for other colossal range. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.

Shade- The shade depicted by the model endorsing it is different from what I can perceive. She is wearing intense dark green matte kohl which is very well defined. This is what tempted me to purchase it. Crushed emerald is a rich vibrant emerald colour with faint shimmer. These shimmers add a rich look to eyes but the colour is not as profound as shown by model but still I like the shade. Since I was expecting dark matte kohl the cover girl totally mislead me. 

Pigmentation is average and not as deep as I was expecting from colossal range still the shade intensifies on multiple swipes and single swapping won’t work. It glides evenly on lids and defines your eyes like any other kajal but not as precisely like a liner as it claims.

Durability-The kohl is waterproof and does not come out on washing face but is not smudge proof. I tried rubbing my eyes which is my usual habit and I noticed it fading. This was so disappointing and I tried this many times to ensure myself completely. It has a good staying power and stays on my eyelids decently for 6-8 hours without fading. Oil based cleanser removes the eyeliner completely so removal is not a problem.


Nice shade
Smooth to apply
Budget friendly
Shimmers add a rich look to eyes
Travel friendly
Stays for a decent time
Good staying power


Smudges on rubbing fingers
Average pigmentation
Does not defines precisely as it claims
No ingredients mentioned

In a nutshell I would say that I only liked the colour and has an average quality and nothing to hype about. At this range I really possess many better liners and kajals.

Rating - 3.8/5 

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