Thursday, April 23, 2015

Self designed 'Lipstick n Lips' keychain

I am always in search of different and weird  types of key chains which are really so cute and adorable.With my makeup addiction on the top I wanted to own a sweet little lipstick soft toy. It was so disappointing to see that it was available no where in India online. :(

lipstick soft toy key chain

This prompted me to design my own personal key chain. Seriously speaking I had no idea and no guidance as to how to start it.I started hunting for the materials in my craft bag.Luckily I found 2-3 A4 sheets which were really thick and flexible like a fabric.I don't know what are they called.I pulled out a chain from an old key-ring and garnered some cotton and was all set to start.

lipstick soft toy key chain

I started fabricating lipstick carefully by imitating one of my lipsticks.Yes it was a tough job since I had no professional tools so all I could use was 'Jugaad' :p

After one and a half hour I was successful in my mission in creating a lipstick.But it was incomplete without a pair of s*xy lips. Stitching lips was much easier than stitching lipstick.I finally attached the chain and it is ready. :* :* :*

lipstick soft toy key chain

I hope so you liked it.Please let me know your opinions regarding it.

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