Monday, April 6, 2015

Lakme Lip Gloss-Bubblegum Review,Swatches

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Today I am going to review a Lakme lip gloss which comes in bubblegum flavour. I have developed an inclination towards cosmetics lately and this is my second lip gloss, Lakme Strawberry gloss being the first one .The addiction to cosmetics is nothing less than like addiction to drugs. The galaxy of these vibrant colours and hues is really enticing .It tempts me to try more and more cosmetics .I am a great admirer of natural beauty and always prefer to look natural even if I have applied make-up. Therefore I wanted to add some neutral coloured gloss to my collection which prompted me to buy this gloss from a local cosmetic store. Glosses make your lips appear plumped and shiny without looking overdosed.

Ingredients –Not mentioned.

Lip smacking flavour in a hi shine gloss. (company claims)

Impression of Lakme Lip Gloss-Bubblegum

The Packaging is transparent so the gloss fluid is visible. This really makes it easy to locate in my makeup kit. All relevant details are printed in golden which gives it a stylish look. The tube has a screw cap which makes it leak proof and easy to carry. Overall it appears very cute and endearing. The quantity of gloss is quite good and may last for months but for such quality it may last forever. ;p

Quality-Moving over to the gloss part, it has a very thick consistency which does not flows. With a very little hint of pink it is full of shimmer particles. Being highly viscous it makes it difficult to apply smoothly on lips. It feels kind of heavy and sticky on lips, not giving a comfortable feeling. You should not even think of over coating this gloss otherwise you’ll feel as if you have fixed some shimmer particles with glue. Even if it’s decently priced at Rs 175 it does not give value for money. 

This gloss when spread on lips doesn’t show any colour except glossy sheen and lots of micro shimmer particles .It tends to leave a slight whitish impression on lips which will definitely not cover any pigmentation. 

Lakme Lip Gloss-Bubblegum swatch

Gives a beautiful appearance on lips after application and also makes your lips look plumped and shiny. I like the slight bubblegum fragrance, which soon disappears after applying .The stay on power is really poor .It stays for 1-2 hours only. Any lipstick or lip gloss usually stays for lesser time on my lips because I end up eating them but it might stay a bit longer on your lips. After having food it vanishes completely..I am giving a quick recap of the product features.


Nice fragrance
Travel friendly
Cute packaging
Gives fuller lips
Very nice shine with shimmers
Good consistency , doesn’t flows
Available in local stores and online


Not comfortable wearing it
Poor staying power but it’s okay for the money you pay
Very sticky
You cannot apply multiple coats because it becomes very heavy.
Not apt for pigmented lips

RATING- 2.8/5 (These many marks are given only to shine it gives)

In a nutshell this gloss is not worth the money even if it is good on purse .The gloss looks pretty on lips but you won’t enjoy wearing it .

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