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Blue Heaven Long Lasting Lip Gloss :106 & 108 Review,Swatches

Hiee everyone...

I recently bought few products from Blue Heaven Website as they are so damn affordable and you know me...I love trying different products so I decided to give them a try.I did not shopped much as I could not find the review for some products so I decided to pick and review some of them so that my lovely readers can get to know their quality.Read further to know how their fared for me.

Blue Heaven Long Lasting Lip Gloss :106 & 108
Blue Heaven Long Lasting Lip Gloss :106 & 108

This is the outer packaging

Price : Rs 65 ( ohh-mm-gee...never tried such an affordable lip gloss before...actually the price tempted me to try them )

Company says:

  • Perfect Bright Lip Gloss
  • Moisturises Your Lips for long time
  • Adds luster and color to your lips.
  • Keeps lips smooth and hydrated

Blue heaven lip gloss shade 108 ,106

Things I like about it:
  • Wand is very soft and sturdy for application.
  • Shades are really beautiful.Shade 106 is a bright bubbly pink and shade 108 is a coralish peach which appears orange on hand swatches but on lips due to the natural colour appears more of peachish. <3 
  • Very affordable
  • Texture is smooth,non sticky and simply glides on lips.
  • Have some fragrance which I do not find disturbing and fades off after application.
  • Sheer gloss with a low pigmentation.Shade 108 has a better pigmentation as compared to 106.
  • Colour can be intensified with multiple swipes.The shades are perfect for daily wear and for girls who shy away from bold colours.
  • Very fine shimmers which are not visible and just adds a nice glossy effect and the shade almost appears shimmer free.
  • Transparent packaging which helps in identification and is good for travelling purpose.
  • Shade stays for good 2 to 3 hours like normal glosses.
  • Many shades are available to choose from.
Blue heaven lip gloss swatches shades

These things could have been improved:

  • I think the packaging can be improved even if they hike the price to some extent.Cosmetics are all about glamour so I think this point should be improved.I do not dislike it but not even liking it.
  • The shade tends to accumulate towards the side of lips after 2-3 hours which I find very annoying.Obviously you can rub it off.But if you apply it on a lip balm then this problem can be overcome
  • Not for pigmented lips if you have to apply it directly otherwise can be topped on a lip shade or  a lip liner.


Overall I would say that if you are on a budget beauty and want to experiment with different shades then you should try it as the shades are really really lovely.I should not keep very high expectations from such an affordable product and I would love to try other shades from the same range.Recommended!!

Do let me know what you feel about these Lip Glosses.Have tried them or would you try them then do share your views in the comments section below.Thanks for reading till then Take Care Byee...
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