Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How Patanjali 'Atta Noodles' -Jhatpat Banao Befikar Khao Tastes??

Hiee Maggi Lovers....

These days we have many options available in market if we talk about instant noodles.So how can Patanjali lag in the race of manufacturing noodles.Today I finally got the glimpse of Patanjali Atta Noodles in the Patanjali Store so obviously I bought few packs because firstly I trust Baba Ramdev and secondly I am a Noodle Lover.Now lets see how Patanjali 'Atta Noodles fared compared to Nestle Maggi.

Patanjali Atta Noodles

Patanjali Atta Noodles

Packaging is similar to that of other noodles having orange,green and yellow theme colours which add a more of Indian touch to the Noodles.It has a similar tastemaker sachet like that of other noodles which has dehydrated peas and vegetables.Priced at Rs 15 which is way more cheaper than what Maggi Atta Noodles is priced at.Cooked in a similar except that Patanjali has labelled it as 3 minute noodle rather than 2 minute.....
The very first bite and you realize that it is actually made of 'Atta'....pure 'Atta' and not 'Maida'...Seriously Maagi Atta Noodles never taste like 'Atta' no matter how much they label it.All claims appear to me as false and I never find Maggi healthy like they claim it.What do you feel about it???? If we discuss the taste then it is a totally subjective topic because everyone has taste buds of their own.I think it tastes normal.Not good nor bad.I don't find it extremely delicious but health means a lot more than taste in long run.....The taste can definitely be increased by using additional toppings and sauces so that is not a problem atleast for me.Since I do not like consuming much of 'Maida' products because they are extremely bad for our stomach so I will switch over to these noodles and once in a while I will obviously taste my good old Maggi noodles.

Overall I would say that these noodles will not pamper your taste-buds much but will be a good news for your forever upset stomach (especially my generation people) and your parents.If you are 'health conscious' or both 'taste and health conscious' than these are for you but if you are only 'taste conscious' who treats stomach like a dustbin by adding unhealthy tasty scrap then skip it.
These are as good for your stomach as for the country economy..remember be 'Swadeshi'...I know it is not always possible but try as much as you can.

Do share you views if you have tasted this or otherwise...I will love to know different opinions..:) :)
Thanks for reading.Take Care....:)

Patanjali 'Atta Noodles'
Patanjali 'Atta Noodles' Ingredients

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