Tuesday, November 10, 2015

HAPPY DIWALI.... & 'Alpana' Design this Year

I wish all my lovely readers a very happy and prosperous Diwali.....May god fulfills all your wishes and all good luck come your way.Like each year my 'Mausi' has designed an 'Alpana' this Diwali.She is a professional artist 'Dr Stuti Sanghal' and I feel proud to say it.Well this Diwali try to celebrate it free from crackers and dangerous stuff like that as I have seen many disasters in front of my eyes which I cannot forget so please keep this Diwali safe for yourselves,your family and your environment....
Keep enjoying....

Diwali alpana by Dr Stuti Sanghal

As I am quite busy with my life these days so no posts these days..I'll be back in a month with the giveaway results so keep tuned to my blog.
Keep participating in my giveaway...
& Do share how you will be celebrating this Diwali... :) :)

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