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Sivanna Colours Shimmer Bricks will add some Glow this Season

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Today I would be reviewing a product which has recently touched the list of one the raved products in beauty blogging sphere.So obviously how could I miss it.I personally never feel that highlighters are made for me as my oily skin itself highlights my skin beautifully and photographs really well but after sometime my entire face gets highlighted and I turn into a grease ball but that is a different story altogether.LOL... Anyways continue reading if you want to know how Sivanna Colours Shimmer Bricks fared for me.
Sivanna Colours Shimmer Bricks Shade 06

Sivanna Colours Shimmer Bricks Shade 06
Sivanna Colours Shimmer Bricks Shade 06

Sivanna Colours Shimmer Bricks Shade 06
Sivanna Colours Shimmer Bricks Shade 06 has some gorgeous shades of Pink

Sivanna Colours Shimmer Bricks Shade 06

Sivanna Colours Shimmer Bricks Shade 06

Price:Rs 300-400 ( discount keeps varying) & is marked at Rs 625 approx
(Available Online in many variants)

Sivanna Colours Shimmer Brick is said to be the exact dupe for Bobby Brown shimmers bricks and Revlon highlighting pallete's. Though I haven't tried either of them but have heard a lot about them.Well this brick has 4 beautiful shades of pink and 1 shade of white.It comes in a outer cardboard packaging which is not very sturdy but the actual palette is nice and okay-ish. The black box shuts with a good loud click and it assures me that I can travel with it safely.The highlighter bricks are really very adorable and look quite sexy sitting in your vanity and trust me I can adore it for hours gazing at this beauty.

The brick has nicely assembled pinks which can be used as a Highlighter+Blush+Eyeshadow. Isn't it a great multipurpose product girls..? Using this only makes me party ready without any extra products.

Shade number 2 and 3 have golden reflex while other three shades have silver reflex.I mostly use the combinations of all the shades together to work it as a highlighter or blush.All the shades are easy to blend and nicely pigmented.You might see their powdery form while swirling a blush brush on it or otherwise with fingers they give me a creamy and powdery feel.It does accentuate my pores if used a blush so I have to prep my base carefully so as not to appear weird.I have also done an eye look using this brick and it looks so beautiful in person.

Swatches from top to bottom of brick

All colours blended together adds a nice glow on skin.

Sivanna Colours Shimmer Bricks
Eye Look created using Sivanna Colours Shimmer Bricks

My ratings:4.7/5

Overall I would say that Sivanna Colours Shimmer Bricks are an affordable version of high end brand shimmer bricks and are perfect for special occasions so if you wanna glow this season then I highly recommend this particular product.

Have you tried Sivanna Colours Shimmer Bricks before..Do share your opinions in the comments section below.And donot forget to follow me on all my social media's...It would mean a lot to me.. :)
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Sivanna Colours Shimmer Bricks Shade 06 pink

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