Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nominated for Leibster Award !!! And my Nominees are...

Hello everyone....,

Seriously I do not have any idea about Leibster award but I have seen the logo pinned in many blogs...but the very word 'Award' & 'Nomination' enthralls me..Well only thing I know about it that it is a 'virtual award' to bloggers from bloggers.Since 8 months I have been blogging and my blog is the only connection I have maintained through out these months.Firstly I would Thanks 'Emmy' from Makeup With Emmy .I never thought anybody would care enough to nominate me..<giggle> but she did so a heart-full thanks to her.
<roses & kisses>


Thank the person who nominated you and comment on their blog.
Include a link to their blog.
Nominate 10 bloggers that you think deserve the award and notify them.
Answer the 10 questions you’re given and give 10 more for the bloggers you nominate to answer.
Make a copy of rules in your post.

Questions asked by Emmy

1. Did you ever think of starting your own beauty blog?

Never Never Never
This blog was a surprise to me..To be frank I had no idea that beauty blogs existed on this earth..Only after starting my own I realized that there are tonnes of beauty blogs alone :) :)

2. Are you a summer or winter person? Why?

Actually I am neither a summer or a winter person..
I just love 'Spring Season' :) :)
Neither too hot nor cold..just perfect..
Such kind of weather I have witnessed in Bangalore..:)

3. A funny childhood memory that you would love to share?

I don't remember any particular one..There are many to name...

4. Woops! Bad hair day! Solution?

Baby powder!!
A Loose Bun

5. Makeup, skin & haircare products that you would stock if they were discontinued.

Makeup-SERIOUSLY I haven't found any perfect cosmetic yet which I would stock!!!
I never knew that I would go blank..oopss!

Skin:I think it would be Lakme Cleanup Strawberry Mask and Scrub!!
Simply love them..

Hair care:I think it would be a Dove Conditioner(any variant)..I can never imagine washing my hairs without it atleast on a daily basis when diy's can be too time consuming and messy..

6. Favourite movie and why?

Actually there are many...but the latest is Bahubali.....
I loved the graphics,Animation,solid acting,heart warming scenes..and 
offcourse Prabhas and Tamannah..:* :* 
and my forever favourite is RHTDM..
I love everything about it...everything..
Happy endings..:*

7. A walk in the beach at night or a long drive?

In Lucknow there are no beaches so obviously a long drive but 
otherwise no doubt it has to be a walk in the beach.

8. Tea or coffee?

Tea and specifically Green Tea.

9. Would you get inked? If yes, any particular design?

Not right now..
Maybe in future I will want some romantic motif which will be self designed including His and My Name initials...

10. Have you influenced other family members/friends to change their beauty habits or encouraged them to do makeup?

Yes I have made my many friends shop a lot and a lot of cosmetics....That to cosmetics which normally girls do not purchase easily that is a Blusher and a Mascara...I made them realized the power of makeup using only these two products... :p 

My questions for the following nominated bloggers:

1. Main reason behind starting a beauty blog?
2. Are you a 'Brand' person ?
3. Your Style Statement ?
4.Place where you would like to settle forever?
5. If you are allowed to use only one Lipstick and one Eyeliner/Kajal throughout your life,what would that be?
6. Future plans for your Blog??
7. One quality you want in your Prince Charming?
8. One ridiculous habbit you hate yourself doing which is bad for your beauty
(eg: I rub my eyes horribly which causes fine lines)
9.Cosmetics or Stay Natural and Why?
10.One most irritating thing you find in guys?

  1. Eleena Alphonso from Beauty In Your Hands. (She was the first ever person to comment on my blog..and I felt really very special..I thought I should mention this... :p )
  2. Diya Abu from Beauty and Much More
  3. Megha Saraf from Makeup and Beauty Treasure
  4. Rajshree Sawant from The Chicster Diaries
  5. Swathi from Curious and Confused Me
  6. Anurima from Kohl and Stilettos
  7. Divya Rechesh from Bling and the Belle
  8. '____' from The Beauty Highlights ( she hasn't disclosed the name or maybe I never found it)
  9. Chaithra from Style..A Pastiche
  10. Shampita from TheRainbowLady
These list is not in any particular order so please donot mind that.
I am excited to see you gals answer these questions...!! I will love to know more about you..:)
If anyone of you have already been nominated then I seriously do not know if you will have to answer back the questions again or not...I dont't know the procedures and if anybody knows kindly let me know them...Even though I am not very social in blogging these are the couple of bloggers I follow....I am really sorry Emmy if I could include you back in this list anyways these are my nominations and actually there are many more blogs I wanted but I have an option of only 10.

Till then Take Care and keep participating in the Giveaway!! :p :p

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