Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Word of Awareness to Highlight the Problems Caused by Lack of Proper Sanitation

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Sometimes we really need to touch the sensitive topics especially if they effect each and everyone of us passively.The urbanites mostly have access to all the basic essentials of our day to day life which we really do not pay any heed to unless those very elemental necessities are unavailable.Life is not as a easy for everyone as it is for some of us.Most of those star-crossed people do not even have access to the basic things where they can freely relieve their body without any fear of anybody watching them.This has become a daily nuisance for those unfortunate souls who are not even aware of the grave repercussions of this lifestyle.Every single person needs to be enlightened about this significant topic of sanitation & health so that each of us at our root levels help this society become a better place.

World Toilet Day is a campaign to motivate and mobilize millions around the world on issues of sanitation and each year 19th December is marked as a day to bring in focus the key issues related to global sanitation.As a blogger I consider it as my social responsibility to spread a word of awareness through this small space.I will bring in light the key points that India has to face in reference to sanitation and what we as individuals can pledge at our level to improve these conditions.

Major Problems faced:
  • In India more than 620 million still defecate in the open.Only half the population use toilets.
  • Lack of access to sanitation impacts health and leads to many infections and malnutrition.Diarrhea is a leading killer in younger children
  • The most important thing which I really want to emphasize is that open defecation leads to personal loss of dignity and self respect of girls.According to surveys,this has become one of the root problems that leads to rape.Using public toilets is not also safe for girls because such areas are usually predated by sexual offenders and they make wrong use of this opportunity to attack their victims.
What can be done at personal levels:
  • No serious and big problems can be challenged by an individual alone.But remember every drop in the ocean counts.We can choose a poor family and construct a washroom in their house.
  • Spread awareness about this social topic as much as we can.
  • Uneducated folks should be realized the importance of sanitation because some of them are of mentality that open surroundings are a better option than a small tiny room.I could see efforts in this direction through advertisements where Vidya Balan ,National Sanitation Brand Ambassador is endorsing the importance of private toilets.
To safeguard the privacy of innocent girls/women,health issues of younger children and to overall improve the sanitation conditions #WeCantWait to improve sanitation and access to functional toilets to billions of people across the world.Let's pledge together to take a step forward and spread awareness at our personal levels.

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