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Blue Heaven Lip Bomb-Strawberry Review

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Recently Blue Heaven launched their new lip balms named Lip Bomb which I bought a month back from their website.Though I had not great expectations from this product but the packaging attracted me as they looked like dupes for EOS Lip Balms.I have haven't tried any lip balm from EOS so I cannot compare the two but I will be reviewing it in general.To know how they fared for me please keep on reading.

Blue Heaven Lip Bomb-Strawberry

Price:Rs 85 for 8gm

Variants:Bubblegum,Strawberry,Cocoa Butter

Blue Heaven Lip Bomb-Strawberry
Blue Heaven Lip Bomb-Strawberry

Blue Heaven Lip Bomb-Strawberry

The packaging is really cute and I have the strawberry flavour which is red in colour. All variants have separate colours which is good for identification in case you have more than one.The cap has a screw system hence making it travel friendly.

I was really excited to try out this lip balm as I said above I am new to these semi spherical balms.It claims of smelling like that of original flavours but it doesn't even smell 1 percent of that.In fact it has an artificial plastic smell which I completely disliked and is hard to ignore if you are applying the balm on lips.It vanishes after sometime of application.This thing is a big turn off for me as I prefer neutral smells rather than bad one's.

The balm is not a tinted one.These lip bombs claim of moisturizing and hydrating dry and chapped lips.I don't have very lips and in this section I found it to be an average product.They are more of a matte lip balm and do not give glossy finish.Perfect for applying underneath a matte lipstick.If you have dry chapped lips then it won't help much.

I am not using this lip balm hence I turned this into something more useful.I just scrapped the balm away,cleaned it thoroughly with warm water and I stored my handmade lip balm in this. DIY lip balms are really easy to make and their are tonnes of videos based on this on youtube.

My ratings:2/5 (2 marks only for container)

As a lip balm the product is a failure for me and not true to its claims but if you like this container then you can use it as your diy lipbalm.So this is how I turned it into 'value for money'.But if you are just looking for a lip balm then I am not recommending this.

Have you tried this lip balm or planning to buy one then do share your views below.I would love to read them.Thanks for reading..
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Blue Heaven Lip Bomb
Blue Heaven Lip Bomb-Strawberry

Blue Heaven Lip Bomb-Strawberry

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