Thursday, December 3, 2015

Finally Product Empties !!!

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Today finally I will be doing a product empties post and this is my first post of this kind. I was waiting for my few products to get empty therefore it took a long time for me to do this post. I love the idea of this post as it convinces my family that I not only keep hoarding products but also utilize them and hence I can say that I don’t waste money.LOL ...But one has to accept that normal people don’t need these many stuffs like we bloggers do to sustain a normal life. I personally love trying different products and I never stick to any particular product unless it becomes my holy grail. Enough of chit chat so now let’s start with what all I emptied in October and November.

 Product Empties


Emptying cosmetics is the most difficult task and it provides me immense pleasure once I empty them. Cosmetic lasts for like forever and they never seem to come to an end.

1)Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact- I have already reviewed this compact before.Check the review here.It is a nice decent affordable compact but obviously I won’t repurchase it because I am bored of it and would explore different range.

2)Maybelline Clearglow BB Stick-Radiance-This is a good affordable BB stick with sheer to medium coverage and provides oil control better than other BB creams n stuff.I would not be repurchasing this as my skin has become highly sensitive these days and this starts breaking me out. Before it never caused any breakouts so not blaming the product. Check the full review here.

3)Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Brown-I loved using this kajal as a liner and it worked pretty well for me but I usually get bored of using a single product so no repurchase.And also I have a Maybelline brown gel liner as a backup.Check the full review of this Kajal here.

4)Garnier BB Cream-I am about to do the full review of this cream and have already bought a backup but since this is also breaking me out so no further repurchase till me skin starts behaving normally. Otherwise I quite liked this product.

5)Elle 18 Juicy lip balm-I just love this lip balm and is one of the best lip balm I have ever tried.I have tried lip balms from so many brands like Nivea, Vaseline, Lotus, Maybelline Baby Lips etc but this is my favourite pick. I already have a backup of this balm in another shade .I also mentioned this lip balm in my current favourite affordable lip balms which you may check here.


1)Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil - I don’t know why I brought this stuff but somehow I felt that this would soften my hair like those of babies but I was wrong. It did nothing for my hair. Not repurchasing this at any cost.

2)Khadi Wheat Germ Oil – I have used this for my various DIY’s and I never used this stuff individually.I cannot really comment on the effectiveness of this oil but I kind of liked it.I might repurchase this if I happen to spot this.

3)Khadi Herbal Bath Oil – I enjoyed using this oil both as a massage oil and bath oil.It has a very nice soothing fragrance and it warms up if rubbed between your palms hence making it a good massage oil for winters.Not sure if I would repurchase this.

4)Dove Elixir Dryness Care Lavender & Olive Oil – I heard a lot about it through ads and my curiosity to try it brought this to my shelf but this couldn’t prove its effectiveness hence bbyee forever to this Elixir.


Streax Perfumed Body Mist Refreshing Peach Love-I have reviewed this before on my blog which you may check here.I liked it but now since I have tried many more fragrances I think I would not be repurchasing this.

Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner
-I hate this product so a big big no to it.

Oriflame Nature Secret Shampoo wheat and coconut-This shampoo is meant for dry and damaged hair and it does nothing for your dry hair. Doesn’t smoothen them a bit & I am not repurchasing it.

Avon Little Black Dress Shower Gel-This product has also been reviewed by me and it doesn’t seems to appeal me so again a big no.Check the full review here.

Votre Deep Pore Cleansing Clay Masque – Seriously girls let me be frank..Would you be willing to spend your precious bucks on a basic clay masque when you can get it for like less than 20 rupee(even more less) for this much amount.I had to use it because it came in my fabbag and it is nothing very special in fact powdered clay works much more better.

Vana Vidhi Rice Scrub Oriental Rice Scrub – I have an extremely oily and acne prone skin still fab bag sent me this stuff which breaks me out. This scrub has an oil base which doesn’t suits me at all but this would be good for dry skinned people.

Mitti Se Pure Rose Water- 130 Rs for a 50 ml product..!! This seriously makes no sense in my head.A big no to this product and I would be using my good old Patanjali Rose water which is far far far more cheaper and 3-4 times its quantity.

Sample Empties-

If you love subscription boxes then you must be used to these tonnes of samples you get in them and finishing them is not an easy task.I have finished many before but never collected them as I never thought of doing this post.

1)The Natures Co Rosemary Sage Thyme Hair Oil-This smells great and would work as a great aromatic product .I cannot comment on the effectiveness but I liked this.Don’t know if I would get its full size.

2)Malawara Lime Vetiver Body Wash–I just loved this product and it also lasted for like 8-9 usages. If I find this online I am surely purchasing this.The fragrance is so citrusy and fresh and just makes my mood aahhhaaa types...

3) The Natures Co Jasmine Body Wash - It was an okay okay product but again it smells nice.Not sure about it either.

4) The Natures Co Coffee Face Scrub - I love the Coffee aroma and hence I liked this product but I am not purchasing this since I love my DIY coffee scrubs and they work very well.

5)Kronokare Caribean Ginger Body Lotion - I received this in my MSM Box and it smells really fresh, organic and different from any other lotion I have tried till now. I liked it a lot and is a very freshening and hydrating lotion.I can’t say if I will get the full size product.

These were my empties this season.I wish I have many more empties in coming season. If you want to share your views regarding any of the above products then do not forget to drop your precious comments below. I would love to read them. Also follow me on all my social media’s which are listed in the right upper corner of blog.Thanks for reading...

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