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VLCC Pediglow Foot Care Kit Review

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Yes winters have started and I need some more stuff to pamper myself.I bought VLCC Pediglow Foot Care Kit online few months back and I am totally liking it.Especially in this fall season when we tend to develop more dryness and roughness in feet Pedicure is the best thing you can gift your feet.I am not a parlor person so I prefer using such ready made kits or my good old DIY's. Now lets read further to know why I liked this kit so much.

VLCC Pediglow Foot Care Kit

VLCC Pediglow Foot Care Kit

Price-Rs 505 (I got some discount..Yipee!)

First of all I would say that I love the packaging because it is so nice and sturdy.Individually all the containers are of good quality and would be great for storing my diy's once I finish these products.The tub jars have a nice lid and a spritz bottle which I love for diy's sprays.

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VLCC Pediglow Foot Care Kit

Step 1 : Pediglow Foot Foot Cleanser-This cleanser contains soapnut and margosa. We just have to soak feet for like 15-20 min to remove pollutants from the pores and soften thick tissue.It also fights against foot infections and harmful germs.This product is going to finish up quickly among others because we need a lot of product for  single session.

VLCC Pediglow Foot Care Kit

Step 2 : Pediglow Foot Scrub-The scrub contains walnut said to exfoliate dead tissue and Lemongrass is said to stimulate blood circulation to keep your foot healthy.It smells very freshy-freshy and I love it.Also the abrasive action is good enough and I like such abrasive scrubs though not very harsh.

VLCC Pediglow Foot Care Kit

Step 3 : Pediglow Foot Cream- Followed by scrubbing we  have to massage this cream for like 10 minutes and then clean it off. It contains cocoa butter and orange oil which is said to nourish and soften feet.It smells so citrucy and I am in love with this cream.I cannot stop sniffing it.I would not mind using it after the complete procedure like a moisturizer also.The cream makes my feet soft and smooth.

Step 4 : Pediglow Foot Foot Spray-This foot spray provides the odourless feet and contains Patchouli oil and liquorice. It casts a fresh spell and Costus's antiseptic properties keep foot infections at bay. Touchwood I haven't faced any foot infections ever but I love to spray this on my feet and it provides me instant freshness.This has again citrusy notes.If you wear a lot of closed footwear's where feet tends to stink then this product is perfect to keep odour away.

One session will provide you soft smooth feet but if you have extremely bad feet then you may need atleast some sessions to get back your feet to normal.It is meant for regular pampering to clean away the dead skin cells and to remove and prevent infections.

My Ratings:4.8/5

Overall I would say that if you love fresh citrusy fragrances then you will love this set as all the products smell like that.Your feet need the utmost care and freshness all the time and this kit will assure that.I am definitely repurchasing this and would recommend this if you love some feet pampering.

Have you ever tried this kit or any other pedicure kit then do not forget to share your views on it.I would love to read them.Thanks for reading and make sure to follow me on all my social media's to keep updated with the articles.
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