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Colorbar New Cheek Illusion Blush 009-Coral Craving is an absolute must have for orange blush lovers..!!

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I am really excited to write this post ever since I purchased this blush.These days I am like quite addicted to blushes I don't know why! maybe they are so charismatic enough to resist them.The way it adds a luxuriant tint to cheeks is worthy of all the investments we do in these little pop up's.In my case I am more fond of collecting make-up rather than using them and since a blush lasts for years so it is just an extravagant desire to have more and more.Most of the people will agree with me...Right?Now lets start the review.

Colorbar New Cheek Illusion Blush Coral Craving

Colorbar New Cheek Illusion Blush Coral Craving

Product Description-This luminous and silky blush gives a natural looking radiance to your skin. It is lightweight with excellent blending power and velvety touch. Silicones in the product provide smooth finish and long lasting effect. And It is dermatologically tested.

Shades AvailablePink Pinch,Coral Craving,Everything's Rosy,Bronzing Glaze,Earthy Touch,Rosey Peach,Coral Bliss

Price-Rs. 650 for 4gm

Packaging-Comes in the signature silver cardboard outer pack with a hole in centre which makes the product visible.This is good for storing purpose.The case of blush is very sturdy with a transparent plastic lid and metallic silver body.It is good for keeping in purses and I like the packaging.

Shade- The blush is a vibrant orange with loads of fine shimmers which are not visible in the pan.In the store the shimmers were hardly visible but after reaching home it was a disaster.No problems I'll keep it for casual evening outings and not for regular day time.They are very much visible on face if you closely observe them otherwise they are not a problem.The colour looks kind of natural on face and will compliment medium skin tones.

See how pigmented the blush is.

Colorbar New Cheek Illusion Blush Coral Craving swatch
Swatch of blush and blended part of it.
The shimmers add a very nice glow on face and look much better on face.

Texture & Pigmentation-Very smooth and creamy texture it has and is very nicely pigmented so you need just a little bit of it otherwise you know what you will end up looking like...:p
There are no fallouts on face but the pan will have some.No problems.Blending is easy and you will really have to blend it out well.Blending I found was more easy with my fingers rather than with brush.With brush I need little more efforts.

Staying Power- On face it lasts well for 4 hours with fading in hot climate and as I have a habit of touching my face a lot I usually need to reaaply it to keep the blush balanced on both cheeks.In winters it will definitely stay more.

Cons-It has no cons that I noticed except the fact that it contains silicones which some people might be allergic to.My sister is seriously allergic to silicones and it breaks out her skin badly so just keep in mind before purchasing any silicone based product.At last I will say that I wish it was less pricey.

Colorbar New Cheek Illusion Blush Coral Craving
This is how the blush looks on me..Shimmers are not that noticeable on face


Overall I would say that this perfect coral shade is bound to steal your heart and is more of an occasional wear blush rather than daily wear because of shimmers.In that case it will work both as a highlighter and a blush.It is even good for evening time so get it if you like coral shades.Recommended!!

Have you tried any of the shades of Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blushes?If you like the blush I have reviewed then please do comment your opinions in the section below and please do not forget to follow me on social media's.Thanks for reading..take care..byeee..!! :)

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