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Indulge in a Mini Spa session at Home....Relax and De-Stress with the Parachute Advanced Aromatherapy Oil Special Edition Gift Pack

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I recently purchased a Parachute Special Edition Aromatherapy gift pack.I am very fond of things like aromatherapy,spa's,relaxing,de-stressing music and all such stuff.. obviously everyone likes to indulge in a relaxing session and all individuals have there own way to unwind their tensions and all...Since regularly opting for spa sessions is quite heavy on my pocket so why not try a mini spa session at home itself.All you need is to set up an ambience with muted lights,soft background music and a heavenly aroma.Parachute has come up with a Gift pack which contains a hair oil,diffuser,candle and essential oil.It just take seconds to create such a delighting aura.Seriously speaking a lovely music and enchanting aroma can just melt away all your stress.Now lets start the review of this product.I bought this online from is also available on some other online shops.

 Parachute Advanced Aromatherapy Oil Special Edition Gift Pack
Contents of Parachute Advanced Aromatherapy Oil Special Edition Gift Pack

 Parachute Advanced Aromatherapy Oil Special Edition Gift Pack
The packaging is a big purple box with all the contents inside

Ingredients and other details

What company says about it:

 Parachute Advanced Aromatherapy Oil Special Edition Gift Pack

Contents of essential oil

Price-Rs 250 for Combo , Individual oil retails for Rs 99

My experience with the mini spa session at home.

Now let me start with how I started the session.I poured 3-4 drops of essential oil on the top of ceramic diffuser following the lighting of candle.Now I switched off all lights and chose a quiet comfortable area of my house.I even put my headsets and turned on a soft relaxing music.Plethora of such instrumentals are available on Youtube.Next I started oiling my hairs in the way I watched in few videos of Parachute.I will link the videos below.The essential oil starts burning with a mild aroma diffusing slightly.I like the fragrance of essential oil extremely but the hair oil is very very mildly scented.You will really need a very sensitive nose and I wish it was more scented so that even if I use it alone it pampers my senses.Anyways the combo works awesome and my session lasted for about 25-20 minutes.It totally depends on you for how long you want to carry it.The 3-4 drops of essential oil works for like 15 minutes and more.The hair oil is non sticky and I don't know how well it will condition my hair so I will update it as soon as I wash my hair.So keep checking this area.

*UPDATE*:Today I have finally washed my hair after leaving it for 1.5 days and I see them more conditioned and manageable.I was facing the problem of frizzy since a long time but finally something has made them better but the best.It is not a conditioning oil so I won't rate it accordingly :)

 Parachute Advanced Aromatherapy Oil Special Edition Gift Pack

Steps to follow:Visit Parachute for more information.

Ratings - 4.75/5 ( Marks deducted for I wish the oil was more scented)
*Updated Ratings - 4.8 ( as it made my hair more conditioned)

Overall I will that this combo is a good investment and the essential oil will also last long even if it is small.I highly recommend the combo so please if you are my type of person then please go and gift yourself a pampering session.

What do you feel about this combo? Do share your views below if you like such mini spa sessions and please do not forget to subscribe me on my social media's for more such articles.
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