Friday, August 21, 2015

Just Another Shopping Post !

Hieee beauties...,

Today I am showing all the recent stuffs I bought for myself.I know I shop a lot but which beauty blogger doesn't do that...:p
Okay lets start with it because I am not in a mood to write much.I am tired of photographing the products.Today I did photographed many of the products which I will be reviewing shortly.

1)Real Techniques Blush Brush- I wanted a good blush brush and since it is a one time investment atleast for me so I bought this one from Amazon.My first proper blush brush which I have used once and I am quite loving it.It costed me Rs 820.

2)Loreal Mat Magique All-in-One compact-As I heard of it I immediately bought it as it is targeted for oily skinned girls so I had to bring this.I have reviewed this already.Check here.It retails for Rs 399.

3)Vega Eyelash Curler-I wanted a decent affordable lash curler so I opted for this one.This does it job properly and is also my first Lash curler.It retails for Rs 150.

3) Essence Lip Liner and XXXL shine Lip gloss-I have discovered the essence outlet in local stores of Lucknow so I bought these two products this time.The other products I bought are shown in previous shopping haul.

4) Stay Quirky nail paints-I heard about this brand for the first time and I discovered them on so I ordered them.I was not very sure of the shades and the shades turned out to be not of my choice but no problem not that bad either.They retail for Rs 150 but I got some discount.

5)Lakme Absolute Bi Phased Make-up Remover-I always trust my baby oil for removing my makeup but I wanted to try a remover so I bought this.This retails for Rs 250.

6)Elle 18 Nail pops-I bought these super cuties in 4 shades.I always enjoy budget nail paints from a brand.I like the grey and purple shade the most.They cost Rs 50 each.

7) Lakme 9 to 5 Long wear nail paint-Coffee Break - I have all bright funky shades so I wanted to try a formal brown type shade.I have never tried a coffee shade before.This shade is very decent and pretty.This shade retails for Rs 200 and bought it online on some discount.

8)Vega paddle Brush- Again my first paddle brush from Vega for Rs 400 approx and I spotted it in Big Bazaar.I like the brush and makes detangling easy.

vega paddle brush

That's all for today.I hope so you liked my shopping and do comment below to share your views about these products.
Take care

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