Monday, August 3, 2015

My latest shopping stuffs...

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I enjoy doing my shopping posts more than writing a review for one straight reason that it requires less effort.Well guys today I'll be like showcasing all my latest goodies I bought in the last few weeks.Few of them I ordered online while the other ones I purchased from the market.Some of them were necessities and other's were for sure money waste according to my parents but you know I cannot resist my itchy sorry!!!!...I have bought many more products which I am not including here because of the simple reason that I missed them.So lets get started .Lets have a look at all the goodies first.

A quick glance of all products

Wax applicator,Schwrzkopf hold hair spray,Biotique toner and Loreal Night Mask in jelly

I badly wanted a strong hold hairspray and so I ordered Schwarzkopf Strong Hold Hairspray from along with Everteen Intimate Hygiene Wash which I haven't photographed mistakenly.A Vega Wax applicator knife for waxing purpose because using those butter knives consumes a lot of time and it was pretty cheap so I bought it from Big Bazaar along with QVS makeup sponges.Next I bought a Biotique pore tightening toner for my open skin to provide some relief from oily skin in this humid climate and a Loreal night jelly mask because my skin is becoming distressed due to certain lifestyle reasons.I know for my age it wasn't a necessity but I just wanted to try it so I bought it.From Shoppers Stop I bought a coral blush from Colorbar and nail paints.

Mtv Muah Pop lipgloss and lipstick,Artisto kajal

I  never tried any of the Blue Heaven products before which are like quite affordable and are off course an Indian brand so I bought three of the products which are like the most popular one's.I am going to separately review this bunch consisting of Artisto Kajal,Mtv Muah Lipgloss and Lipstick.

Essence long lasting pencil 'coolest chic',Essence Gel eye pencil,Heat Wave Blush,Get BIG Lashes mascara

One fine day I managed to trace the Essence Cosmetics in the local markets of Lucknow so I had to try some of the products.I have already reviewed Essence Long Lasting Pencil in Coolest Chic few days before which I bought online so check the review here. Other things I bought are a Mascara-a washable version because I was using Maybelline Falsies Waterproof version and it was a mess removing it.Check the review of Maybelline Falsies here. Let me share a fact that I use mascara in the rarest of occasions but still I bought it...Essence Heat Wave Blush was out of stock online so I grabbed it as soon as I saw it because of the mesmerizing ombre.You will to love it.And the last thing I bought from Essence is Gel Eye Pencil in shade Midnight Blue.A lovely navy blue colour which I always wanted to try.

Botanical Compact,Tinted Lip glosses,MatteGel Suncreen

Lotus Suncreens are my absolute favourites and I have bought many many versions of them.I will keep using them till Lotus manufactures them. :*  I have already hit the pan of my Lakme Intense Whitening Compact so I have stocked up the other one namely Lotus Botanical Compact.All these products have been bought online for some discount along with Lotus Seduction Botanical Tinted Lip Gloss in two shades.

Elle 18 kajal, Hyperglossy liner 'Violet Volt', Lakme Shine Line 'Olive Green'

Next I bought an Elle 18 kajal  (very affordable) for trail makeup sessions. Maybelline Hyperglossy Liner in Violet volt is a beautiful violet coloured liquid liner and Olive Green liner from Lakme Absolute Range.I love to collect different shades of eyeliner and kajals because I simply loveeee <3 Eye Makeup.

Colorbar Fluid sand Nail Laquer,Go Grafiiti, Colorshow, Lakme 9 to 5 Frosties

I love collecting nail paints after eyeliners so I keep updating my collection every now and then as I get easily bored of old nail paints.My first nail paint from Colorbar which is quite expensive as compared to the quality is from the range Fluid Sand. Maybelline ColorShows are a must must purchase and I have 2 shades from Colorshow and one from Go Graffiti collection.I previously reviewed Glitter Mania - Starry Nights,check here. The last nail paint I bought is Lame 9 to 5 Frosties which didn't appealed me after using it.

That's it and I would be very soon reviewing these products so keep checking the blog and do mention if you want me to review any of these products in particular.And do not forget to share your views regarding this post in the comments section below.Thanks for reading..Byee

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